About FamiyFairy

We are motivated to bring our customers the most competitive prices, quality and variety of products in the footwear sector.

With over 20 years of experience working in the footwear manufacturing industry, FamilyFairy was born out of a passion to share our product and industry knowledge with developing retail businesses, to help you build the most successful footwear ranges possible for your store and customers.

As a UK based company, the founders of FamilyFairy have experience working with large retailers, sourcing and manufacturing footwear to be delivered into the high street. We know what sells, and we wanted to curate and make brands available to buyers that we know customers want to see.

Each brand on our website is handpicked by our experienced buying team, and is available at competitive wholesale pricing and low minimum order quantities.

Our Key Advantage: Retail based on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms supports us to have sufficient credibility and reputation, and we have established a complete supply chain system and localized warehousing.
Our Core Value: The brand have been focusing on house shoes for decades to provide professional services and premium products for small amount wholesalers.